Day 10: Halfway There


What a whirlwind the past few days have been! Dr. Barbara Mills and Dr. Matthew Peeples visited the site on Tuesday, and provided some much appreciated labor and insight. We have made some very interesting discoveries. As is obvious in my previous posts, it is often difficult to define architecture, because it is in such poor condition. However, after visiting Dr. Barb Roth and the UNLV fieldschool at Harris Village today, I am beginning to feel more confident about what we have found.

Unit 2: The crew of Unit 2 continued to excavate down in the east corner of their unit. They are still exposing numerous capping/filling stones beneath the floor. We are taking this excavation slowly, and working in 5 cm levels, because we don’t quite know what lies underneath this level. We are still uncovering a number of Redware and Mogollon Red-on-brown sherds, and may be just above a layer of cultural fill. It is still unclear if a pithouse or some other structure is beneath, but regardless, there certainly was an occupation dating to the Georgetown or San Francisco phase.

Esteban and Jane Working Hard

Unit 4: I now feel certain that the “wall” we discovered in Unit 4 is architecture. Dr. Peeples worked with Erin, and at the end of the day found what most likely is a floor or surface (with some possible post holes!). They also cleaned up the adobe wall, and found a very nice face on it. Based on the ceramics coming out of the room, and the type of architecture, it seems like this does date to the transitional phase between the Late Pithouse and Classic period. I am excited to finish clearing floor/surface, and further defining the architecture in this unit!

Wall in Unit 4

Profile of Wall in Unit 4

Unit 5: We also continued to find some jumbled, and therefore confusing, architecture in Unit 5 today. However, it does look like we are coming down on some architectural alignments. This alignment seems to run along the north profile face, and possibly along the east and west profile faces. Several of the rocks still have adobe/mortar on them. It is unlikely that both the east and west profile faces have architecture. Most likely there is simply much wall fall on those sides of the unit. We will continue to define this architecture next week.

Unit 5 at End of Day

We also had Josh and Kyle back on site today. They screened a backdirt pile in a different area of the site. I’m sure I will get some interesting information from this. Right of the bat, there was a noticeable drop in artifact number in this backdirt pile (from a roomblock in the northern part of the site) compared to the central roomblock.

Another very successful week at Woodrow Ruin! I can’t believe the project is already halfway done!



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