Day 14: Fun in the Sun


Today was a very busy day at the site. The crew in Unit 2 finished cleaning the unit, and began drawing profiles of the walls. The crews in Units 5A and 6 worked hard in 100 degree weather to remove overburden. In the afternoon we had two groups of people visit the site. A group with Roger Anyon and Darrell Creel came in first two see what we’ve been up to; these Mimbres experts provided some very valuable insight! The second group was led by Alan Dart of Old Pueblo Archaeology.  I always enjoy showing the site to new people, and had a great time talking to the Old Pueblo group! By the time the tours were over, it was the end of the day.

Unit 2. Not much to report from Unit 2 today. The crew began profiling the walls of the unit. These profiles will provide valuable information about the stratigraphy and history of occupation in the roomblock. Most importantly, the profiles demonstrate that the room was relatively unlooted (save for the NE corner), that the floor was extremely burned (which hopefully we can get a date from), and that the Classic period roomblock was built on top of an earlier Late Pithouse occupation.

Unit 2 Final Photo, Facing North

Jane and Esteban Profiling

Unit 5A. Although no very exciting discoveries were made in Unit 5 today, the crew did make significant progress on removing overburden. Remember, the crew has to excavate down approximately 1.3 meters before the reach the current level of unit 5. The crew excavated about 50 cm of fill today. Units 5 and 5A seem to have the most trash fill of any units at the site. The progress the crew has made with only two people is impressive! Erina and Nick did find some more worked sherds today, along with a needle. They are just about to reach the top of the adobe alignment first noticed in Unit 5, and will hopefully be able to define this architecture further. Unit 5 will be difficult to decipher; there is architecture stacked on top of architecture. However, the wealth of artifacts recovered from this unit will provide invaluable data.

Erina Excavating

Unit 6. Like Unit 5A, overburden was removed from Unit 6 today. Unlike Unit 5A, only 1 person (the infamous Erin Baxter) is working in Unit 5A. In the morning I was able to help Erin remove overburden. However, in the afternoon I was giving tours, and she was on her own. But Erin did an excellent job (of course!). We have not encountered any new architecture, feature, or stratigraphic breaks in the unit, but by the end of tomorrow should be very close to the strat changes noticed in Unit 4.

Another hot day at Woodrow Ruin! Tomorrow we will be visiting the University of Arizona/Archaeology Southwest field school at Mule Creek, and then on to the Arizona State University field school during our final weekend here! Thanks again to everyone who visited today!



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