Day 19: Murphy’s Law (with everything not related to archaeology)


Today ay marked our last official day of excavation at Woodrow Ruin for 2012. Today’s post, and the next few, will be short, because time is limited, and really, who wants to read about backfilling all day. While we had a great day finishing up the dig, just about everything else that could go wrong did today. The very first thing I do every morning is open my cell phone to turn off my alarm. Today, my 5 year old flip phone decided it had enough, and fell apart in my hands. However, this was an excuse to enter the 21st century, and I am now the owner of an iphone. I did have to wait in the Silver City Verizon store for about an hour this afternoon though. My sun glasses also broke when we were at the site today. And our Suburban hasn’t even been looked at, let alone fixed. Of course, all of these happen during the busies time of the project. No catastrophes though, and everything should be fine by the time we leave on June 29th.

Unit 5. Today, we learned that even though we have excavated close to 1.5 meters in Unit 5, we are really only scratching the surface. Nick and Erina found definite rooffall today, burned beams, and more wall plaster. Thus, we are undoubtedly in a pithouse. Although we will have to wait until next year to further explore this structure, we have already learned much about the site from it. I do feel bad for the crew who will have to remove 1.5 meters of fill next year before actual excavations begin.

Projectile Point from Unit 5

Beam and Plaster Bottom of Unit 5

Unit 7. Unit 7 continued to excavate until lunch time today. They found very nice plaster still on the cobble wall. After lunch, they put in a test window along the North profile. This test window told us one thing; the fill in this room continues down for at least another 40-50 centimeters. At this point it is unclear whether the fill is all from the same occupation or different occupations. Once again, we will have to wait until next year to sort this all out.

Unit 7 at End of Day

Unit 8. As with Units 5 and 7, we are only scratching the surface in Unit 8. Although we did not hit architecture, the unit undoubtedly is in pithouse fill.

Tomorrow we backfill, and hopefully get good samples from the Transitional hearth in Unit 6 and the burned plaster in Unit 5. We will all also get great workouts from all the backfilling we will do.



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