Back to the Real World (For Now)


Hello everyone, and greetings from Boulder! I have made it safely back home, returned the Suburban, and unloaded all of our gear. Arriving back in Boulder was surreal; it felt like I had only been gone a week, not a month. Our month a Woodrow flew by! Now I begin the task of sorting artifacts and shipping them off to various places for analysis by experts. Blog posts will be sporadic from here on out; I’ll post when various analyses are complete, or whenever something interesting is discovered throughout the artifact analysis. My hope is to begin writing at least a portion of my dissertation this school year while analysis is ongoing. Then, next summer, we will hopefully be able to return to Woodrow and further examine what we found this year.

Crew Backfilling

One final note about Unit 5. While everyone else was backfilling, Nick and Erina put a test window into Unit 5. They found the roofing material we had been looking for all of June. In fact, it looks like they hit only the tip of the iceberg. Everywhere they troweled they hit burned beams, etc. We were able to recover several excellent samples! So, we now have our work cut out for us next summer. We had to backfill the unit once we took out a few dendro samples. Whoever digs here next year will have to remove over 1.5 meters of fill before they reach this rooffall again. Still, I am very excited about finding this! It gives me confidence to know that we were undoubtedly digging in a pithouse, and that (hopefully) a very nice floor is underneath the rooffall.

Nick and Erina Wrapping a Dendro

Dendro in situ

Jakob and Nick Wrapping a Dendro

In conclusions, I’d like to say thanks again to everyone who visited and helped out at the site this year! Your help and insight was invaluable, and will go a very long way in interpreting and understand the history of Woodrow Ruin. A special thanks goes out to the crew! The project was excellent due to your hard work. It truly was a pleasure to work with everyone, and we accomplished more than I had expected because of your efforts! And thank you all for reading the blog! I had some excellent comments, and I hope you all enjoyed reading about what we did this last month. Make sure to check in every once in a while to see how our analysis is going!


Woodrow Closed for the Year


PS: Next Monday I will be giving a talk for the Denver chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society about our work at Woodrow this summer. If you’re in the Denver area, feel free to stop by. The talk will be at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


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