Gearing Up!

Hello Everybody,

I can’t believe that in less than two weeks I will be returning to Woodrow Ruin for my final summer of dissertation research at the site! Much has happened since my last blog update. The past academic year has been filled with presentations, artifact analysis, and preparation for this year’s work at the site. Over the last 9 or so months, ceramics from the site have been sorted and typed, flotation samples have been processed and species assigned to recovered botanical remains, faunal remains have been sent for analysis, dates have been obtained from C14 samples through AMS, and dendrochronological samples have been analyzed (the samples were not dated). Although analysis of last year’s artifacts is ongoing, we have already learned much about the site. Perhaps the four most important things (up to this point) that research at Woodrow Ruin has revealed are:

1) Woodrow Ruin had a very long, continuous occupation.

2) Evidence of the Transitional period (AD 900-1000) can be found at Woodrow Ruin.

3) The Late Pithouse period occupation of the site was substantial, perhaps more substantial than the Classic occupation.

4) Woodrow Ruin is in relatively good condition for a Mimbres Site.

A summary and report of last year’s findings can be found at

I will be directing research at Woodrow Ruin from May 15th-June 15th this summer. Like last year, I hope to post daily updates about what we find at the site, and provide plenty of pictures. As always, comments and input is greatly appreciated!


PS- Below are pictures of some of the sherds that have been sorted (nothing beats pictures of pretty ceramics).

Worked Sherds from the pithouse identified in Unit 5.

Worked sherds from the pithouse identified in Unit 5.

Style II Sherds

Style II Sherds


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