One Day Down…

Hello Everybody,

We have completed our first successful day of research at Woodrow Ruin in 2013. Unfortunately, today’s update will be short; I’m giving a talk about my research to the Grant County Archaeological Society tonight, and also grabbing a few supplies at the place I frequent most in Silver City–Wal Mart. Today I introduced the crew to the site (the crew section of the blog will be updated soon), and then we set up units and began work. For the crews in Units 6 (Erin B, Barbara, and Megan) and 5 (Erin H, Natalie, and Lonnie) today consisted primarily of hard labor–removing backfill from units we excavated last year. Last year, we found an adobe-cobble wall, a surface, and a hearth in Unit 6. This year, we will try to further define the architecture. The crew in Unit 6 found the adobe-cobble wall today, and began clearing around it. By tomorrow most of the backfill should be removed, and new excavation should begin. Unit 5 is a different story. This was the 2m x 2m unit where we found a pithouse, and burned roof beams of the last day of work last summer. We backfilled this unit at the end of last year to protect the pithouse over the fall, winter, and spring, and now we have to remove the backfill. The crew made excellent process today, and I expect that the fill should be mostly all removed by the end of tomorrow or mid-day Friday.


The new Unit excavated today was Unit 9, located in the northern great kiva at Woodrow Ruin.  The unit started out as a 1 x 2, running heading east toward the architectural wall and ramp of the great kiva The goal of this unit is to locate the center post of the structure, define architecture, and possibly expose part of the ramp. The crew was able to clear 3 10-centimeter levels today. Several pieces of historic metal (tin cans, etc) were found in the first levels of excavation. The cans either blew in, or were deposited as trash in the bottom of the kiva. No definitive features were found today.


Overall, the first day was very successful. I look forward to a great season!

Erin and Natalie in Unit 5

Erin and Natalie in Unit 5


Sean, Delton, and Sara in Unit 9


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