(Field) Monday, (Field) Monday

Hello Everyone,
Today was the start of our third week in the field at Woodrow Ruin. No “major” discoveries were made today, but we did move a lot of dirt!

Today was a pretty straightforward day for Unit 5. The morning started out with Erin clearing the remaining baulk in the unit to the surface. We collected two more dendro samples along the way. The floor is now exposed entirely throughout Unit 5. After the floor was exposed, we covered it back up (like everywhere else in the unit), and began cleaning Unit 5 up. This consisted of making the unit walls nice and neat, so we can have a good look at the stratigraphy in the unit. The plan is to draw the profiles tomorrow, and then expand the unit north.

Erin cleaning a profile in Unit 5

Erin cleaning a profile in Unit 5

Unit 15 also had a pretty straightforward day. The crew worked on removing fill to the level of the surface that we identified in Unit 12. As expected, the crew hit wallfall above the floor. Interestingly, the wall fall was found only in the eastern 2/3rds of the Unit. In fact, the wall stopped almost immediately at the point where there is a break in the surface in Unit 12. This is another piece in the puzzle of the great kiva. Our best guess is that the wall fall is missing in the western 1/3rd of Unit 15 because the people who constructed the shrine we found at the bottom of Unit 9 removed it. Once again, the presence of Style III sherds (which date to the Classic period) under the shrine indicates the shrine was built sometime after 1000 AD. This means that the great kiva was abandoned, then the walls collapsed (or were pushed in), and then at a later point in time someone came back, dug through the wall fall in the center of the great kiva and constructed a shrine in it. Tomorrow, the crew should begin to expose surface in Unit 15.

Examining the Great Kiva

Examining the Great Kiva

Stones on the east, none on the west

Stones on the east, none on the west

Once again, describing the developments in Units 6,10, 11, 13, 14, 16, and now 17 is difficult to do in a blog post. I’ll just say that we may have found part of another wall running parallel to the original wall we identified last year. We will continue to excavate tomorrow, and hopefully find more wall/surface. Currently, it seems like we have one room constructed of adobe/cobbles, measuring approximately 4.5 meters by 3.5 meters.

Unit 15, possible wall on the right

Unit 16, possible wall on the right

Sorry today’s update is a bit short; its just one of those days in archaeology where we move a lot of dirt, so that we can get to the good stuff later. Overall, it was another beautiful day at the site!



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